NESTOR (New Editorial System Tool for Research) is a new submission and peer review system developed entirely in-house by EDP Sciences, an academic publisher based in Paris, France.

All aspects of the highly customizable system have been developed to facilitate processes for editors, authors and reviewers to ensure: Quality, Ease of use and Efficiency.


Partner journals that have chosen to trust Nestor as a submission tool.


Journal of the European Optical Society – Rapid Publications (JEOS-RP) is an Open-Access peer-reviewed journal, published by the European Optical Society since 2006. ...It covers both fundamental and applied topics and aims to provide readers with recent and important achievements in optics/photonics. It strives for presentation of high-quality scientific results and the shortest possible publication time.


Security and Safety

Security and Safety is an Open Access interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal, which aims to quickly report innovative and applicable high-level research results in the informationnetworks, integrated circuits, engineering, industrial control, intelligent transportation, medical health, digital finance, social governance and other fields that involve the intersection of cyber security and functional safety, as well as opinions and debates on the frontier and development direction to guide and promote the integration and progress of cyber security and functional safety in multiple fields in the intelligent age.


Visualized Cancer Medicine

Visualized Cancer Medicine is an Open Access interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal, which publishes the advances in basic, translational, and clinical studies on cancer biology, ...cancer prevention, cancer screening and diagnosis, cancer treatments, and cancer patient rehabilitation, with an emphasis on videos presenting the natural process, interventional procedure, and spatial alteration of the studied objects.


Hydroécologie Appliquée

Hydroécologie Appliquée is an Open Access and international journal published in French and English, featuring original articles on human impacts on aquatic, marine, brackish and freshwater environments.

EDP Sciences

EDP Sciences is an international academic publisher which was founded by learned societies in 1920.
Today, EDP Sciences publishes high-quality scientific journals, conference proceedings, books and magazines in a broad range of scientific, technical and medical disciplines.
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EDP Open books

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